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Mr Bendy

Mr Bendy

So Babeland had offered a Mr Bendy to be reviewed so of course I jumped on it.

Here is what Babeland has to say about the Mr Bendy.
"If you are seeking a dildo for packing AND playing, meet Mr. Bendy (aka "Silky"), which recently reached stardom in the Coen brothers' movie Burn After Reading. The thick velvety material feels sumptuously soft, and the bendable core keeps it firm, not floppy. The makers of our high-quality Rabbit Habit designed this willy wonder with the help of our toy buyer's suggestions and created a dream dick that stays put in a harness and lets you bend it till it's juuust right! A smiling face greets you from the frenulum (the area beneath the head). Made of pink Softwear skin, a uniquely fleshlike elastomer.

As most of my subscribers already know, Mr Bendy is one of the only dildos under two hundred dollars that is used as a pack and play device. I am always looking for new cocks that are made for pack and play, why? Because no guy wants to get all worked up and then have to stop in the middle of their session, get up, change their cock and come back. There's been too many times where I have totally lost the thrill because I was all worked up and fumbling to change out my member. It just made me look ridiculously silly.
So with this toy, I will be putting it through some tests. I will wear it around the house in both my house clothes (pajamas, because that's how I roll) and some jeans.
Almost forgot to mention that I will be wearing it in my super comfy Spareparts harness. I love this harness, but I am still putting it through some tests as well. That's another review for another time.

There are two colors, blue and pink (they used to have black). The pink is far too pink for my liking but at least its a fleshy looking pink (sort of) instead of an absurd bright solid pink,and I know most guys want a cock that matches their skin tone so it doesn't feel so foreign to their body. Visually this guy is odd. Luckily my long time partner could care less what it looks like, which in turn helps me not care either. There is an odd little face on the frenulum which is kind of a turn off but not really a big deal. They put it there because of where it is made. I suppose they put faces on these toys because adult toys are not allowed to be made/distributed.

Anyway so I wore it around for a few days. I found it far too bulky and just in the way. Granted I am not one to wear even a packer on a daily basis, but this thing was just too large. Even bending it as far as I could didn't make the giant bulge go away. Especially in my pajamas! The only time I got it to look normal was to bend it down and push the head in between my legs. Though walking around like a penguin is not my thing, if its yours then this will work perfect for you in my opinion. Also the ridges are a bit unrealistic and do not look like veins.

The dildo in use is nice. I recommend using condoms with this especially if you are sharing it with multiple partners. Since its made of elastomer (phthalate-free, hypoallergenic, soft, and durable.) it is somewhat porous and can not in fact be completely disinfected but you can wash it with antibacterial soap and warm water.

I have also heard that with good use put into it, after a while the spine (what makes it hard and makes it bend) has been known to come through the cock itself. Which just means you'll have to retire it for the safety of yourself or any other users.

overall I think for what it is worth and the concept of it.. its a good product. Also Babeland has it on sale right now. $13 dollars off.
They are also having a promo this weekend. With the purchase of $50 or more you get Free shipping. Be aware that it will end on the 12th at midnight.
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