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Bondage Tape

Bondage Tape

"Bondage Tape is a bondage enthusiast's dream! One roll contains 65' of reusable, uncoated 2" wide tape. It bonds, blindfolds, gags, and restrains using a unique self-cling property--no sticky glue! Easily and painlessly removed, it won't even stick to hair. Lightweight, quick, easy to use, and aesthetically pleasing in red or black, it's a must-have for your toy box no matter what level of play you are into. Bondage tape is also great for those on a budget, or who don't want to mess around with heavy equipment."

I asked for bondage tape from Babeland knowing full well I wouldn't really be using it for actually restraining my partner but more for photography. I like to photograph people and I had an idea for this stuff. Now the tape is great because it does stick to itself really well but its also reusable. So basically its not necessarily sticky as much as it clings to itself. I cant find what it is made of on Babeland's website or the manufacturers website but it seems like a vinyl.
I am making little one time wear fetish outfits for the photos, even though its reusable it does crumple and its pretty difficult to uncrumple it especially with my lack of patience lately. I am actually thinking about getting different colors because I like variety. Babeland sells the best colors, black and red, which work great for my initial idea but my brain has wondered to new exciting challenges.

Even though I did not initially buy this as a tool for restraining because I have used this tape a few years back for such an event and boy was it fun.

You can buy it here

here is an example of it from the manufacturers site.
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