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Bondage belt?

Bondage Belt.

I got this bondage belt from a friend who works at the Pleasure Chest in LA. I needed a new belt and before we went out one night I saw her wearing it, I complimented her on it and she showed me what it was actually for. So before I left from my LA visit she grabbed on from her work.

Anyway, I think its a great concept. I love wearing leather and I am into restraints and the like. So the belt works for me. I have yet to seriously use it in the heat of the moment with my partner but I did play around with it a little bit.

when you actually turn it into restraints it looks like this..

the belt shown with the Handy Cuff (which will also be reviewed at a later date)

I could see it being kind of awkward and easy to slip out of. From what I've come to see I think it works best when you put it on the upper arms behind the wearers back. There is a little instruction tab showing that the wearer can wear them on the wrists, but I feel like there would be a ton of slack from the rest of the belt. Which might be convenient if you're out and want to drag them around a bit. the one thing I think they should change is I think they should make them lockable.

I think the price ranges between 35-45 dollars. Which is fair for a leather belt these days in my opinion.

If you live in or near LA you can pick it up at the Pleasure Chest. Or online at Asan Leather dot com. Also Eden Fantasys dot com
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