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Am I peeing all over the bed?

Another question I feel should be re-posted..

Dear Maddix,
I always pee before sex. Lately have been introduced to vibrators, but everytime I use one, I leave a massive wet spot behind which is very embarassing. This only happens with vibrators. Is it pee, if not what is it? Is there any kind of sex toy I can use where I won't get that result?
Thank you,

Dear D,
Many female bodied people expel fluid as a result of G-spot stimulation and/or clitoral stimulation. This is commonly referred to as "female ejaculation", and is perfectly normal, despite the fear many female bodied people harbor that female ejaculate is urine, which it is not. Female ejaculate comes out of the Skene's glands and is similar to the prostatic fluid in male bodied people.
It sounds to me as if you might be female ejaculating but lets make sure. Here are some questions you should answer for yourself. What color is it if any? (Ejaculate is generally clear but may be somewhat milky) Does it smell like urine? You said you urinate before sex so I am assuming you don't feel the need to urinate during. Are you normally excessively wet? I ask these because if it is female ejaculation, its completely normal in fact there are so many female bodied people who strive to learn how to female ejaculate. There are books and articles and even pornography to help teach people how.

I know it can be a scary thing, but just remember you are probably just having intense orgasms, some many people wish they had. I recommend laying down a towel beforehand. Though, if you still want to rid yourself of this then I suggest you rid yourself of the toys all together.

Here is an article on how to female ejaculate
hope that helps.
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