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checking out another massage oil

So I have obviously been exploring lubes and massage oils. Always on a small hunt for organics and natural things. Babeland was kind enough to send me Babeland Naturals Naked Organic Massage Oil. My lover enjoys a good massage after a long day at work and we always feel better using products with natural ingredients. So here is what the website said about it:

There’s nothing quite like a sensual massage for relaxing or getting in the mood, and our Babeland Naturals Organic Massage Oil delivers on both counts. The organic sweet almond oil will satisfy anyone who seeks natural/organic products, and the unscented formula is perfect for anyone sensitive to scented oils. With no additives or preservatives, there’s nothing to keep this light, silky oil from gliding along your skin before sinking in for deep, replenishing moisture. Not for use with latex products/barriers.

* Size: 5-1/4 ounces
* Material: Unscented sweet almond oil

The smell almost doesn't exist which is great because I can't stand using oils and lotions with added scent. Usually makes me sneeze or my skin reacts poorly (natural red heads have sensitive skin). So my sweetie gives me her hands to try it out and I put a little in her palm and began to rub it in. I notice first that it feels a lot like my Jojoba oil that I buy at Trader Joes, there is a difference though, it feels a bit more gritty. Her skin just soaked up this oil as if her hands had not seen moisture before. So within a couple minutes I had to reapply. Now I might have not used enough to begin with because usually when I give her any massages I use a really thick lotion which gets kind of gross after a while (this is the reason I am exploring new products for massage purposes).
After about another 2 or so minutes the stuff stopped being slick. I don't really know how to explain it but as I would rub her arm and hands there was a bit of friction. It wasn't just a smooth glide. My hands would somehow catch her skin and make a weird gritty stop and start. She wanted me to just give up after a few so I did and put some more in my hands and tried to give myself a hand/arm massage. It seemed to have worked a bit better on myself because my skin wasn't as dry but it ended up doing the same thing. Not slick enough for me.
I did find though that my arms/hands were feeling nice afterwards. Not because of the massage itself, but I was super soft for hours and I didn't smell like I had bathed in flowers or potpouri.

I now use it when I get out of the shower instead of lotion because I realized that the lotion makes my skin rather greasy in comparison. Since I am taking synthetic Testosterone my skin has a lovely added greasy-ness.. and lotion just doesn't work for me anymore, but my skin is still really dry so this Babeland Naturals Naked Organic Massage Oil is pretty much perfect. Also, it doesn't make me worried about what exactly I am putting into my skin.

All in all I would buy this again but not for its made purpose.

Oh I almost forgot to mention that if you order anything from Babeland right now, you will get a free Odyssey Tickler. Well only if you order $50 dollars or more. Which I think is great seeing as spending $50 on sex toys is really easy to do (that is, if you're buying quality toys).
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